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Fully-hosted WordPress websites from IT Wollongong: the easy, cost-effective way to get your business noticed online!

Does your business need to get its name out there, without breaking the bank? Then a fully-hosted WordPress Website from IT Wollongong is just what you need. With our WordPress expertise, we’ll have your website up and running in no time!

We optimise our WordPress websites for what matters to local businesses: exposure, accessibility, and a great user-experience that helps you connect with your customers. With options for custom website themes and unique content written just for your business, you won’t find a better choice for great-looking, results-driven WordPress websites!

Give us a call, and start connecting with your customers today!

Our WordPress Websites Offer…

  • Expert Setup: Don’t want to mess about installing and configuring your own website? Just leave the details to us for a lightweight, responsive WordPress setup. We’ll optimise your WordPress website for what’s most important—getting results as a local business.
  • Full control over your content: WordPress websites feature the world’s favourite web content management system (CMS). Keep your customers interested by adding or updating content whenever you like. For even better results, add premium custom content written by our experts!
  • Design that Works: Our WordPress templates are sleek, fast-loading and easy to navigate. Slow websites can drive visitors away, so they tend to perform poorly in search engine rankings. Our WordPress website design places user-experience before flashy gimmicks, so you get better results.

Premium Options for WordPress Websites

  • Professional Content: WordPress gives you full control to add and update your own content. For even better results, take advantage of IT Wollongong’s SEO Expertise and boost your rankings with unique custom content that’s critical for SEO. We’ll work with you to identify and target the most important aspects of your business, for exceptional search engine performance. Learn more on our SEO services page.
  • Custom Style: Our baseline WordPress templates are lightweight, beautiful and easy to use. But if you want something a more distinctive, why not add a custom WordPress template? Your website will have a unique appearance crafted especially for your style and branding, while still optimised for excellent local business performance.
  • Custom Functionality: WordPress supports a huge range of plugins to add new functionality. Your website comes pre-configured with the plugins we find most useful, but we know you have your own ideas too! If you need something a little different, we’ll be happy to advise you on which plugins you might need to use.
  • eCommerce/Shopping Cart: Do you want your website to offer online sales? Let us pair up your WordPress website with WooCoomerce, a fully-featured sales platform you can operate from your WordPress dashboard. We also offer WooCommerce training, to help you use your new eCommerce site to the fullest.

What is WordPress?

WordPress websites allow for easy configuration and content management

If you’re new to owning a website, you may be wondering, “What is WordPress?” Or, for that matter, “what is CMS in the first place?”

A CMS, or Content Management System, is software used to create and maintain a website. It’s a lot like the wiring in your house—you don’t see it from the outside, but it makes everything work. CMS software operates on your web server, and provides an interface for the owner to use in a normal browser window. From here you can configure the site, customise various features, and— most importantly—add or update content whenever you need to.

When websites first became popular, updating your site required you to learn a specialised set of skills—something most business owners didn’t have time for. Now, with a CMS, you can add content quickly and easily, without any knowledge of coding or web development.

If you can use a word processor or post to Facebook, then you can write a WordPress page! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve even prepared a tailored WordPress tutorial on how to update your website using our configuration.

The World’s Leading CMS

WordPress is just one of many content management systems available on the web. So why have we chosen WordPress websites to offer our clients? We think the benefits are clear.

  • Open-Source: As an open-source CMS, the code for WordPress can be used freely by anybody, anywhere. This means you’re not tied to a particular developer or server, giving you greater freedom. It also means that using WordPress is 100% free, which translates into big savings on your website. If we don’t have to pay for it, you don’t have to pay for it!
  • Deep, but simple: Most of our customers don’t want to be confronted with hundreds of options. WordPress can do almost anything, but it’s simple where it counts—helping you get your message online. You get to focus on your content, and leave the geeky stuff to us!
  • Active developer community: WordPress is by far the world’s most popular CMS, with a market share estimated at 59%. This widespread use means that thousands of programmers are working constantly to make WordPress better—whether it’s by updating on the core system, or creating plugins to add optional functionality. That means you have more ways to get the website you want!

See it in Action

Want to see what we can make WordPress do for you? Check out our Baseline theme, the ideal foundation on which we build all our installations and custom themes. It’s a versatile, performance-first WordPress theme that looks fantastic on any site—whether it’s an informational site, a blog, or an eCommerce shop. Put your best foot forward by starting with Baseline!

Ready for your WordPress Website?

Your new WordPress Website is just a phone call away. Contact us on (02) 4227 6630 to get started today!

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