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Looking for a WordPress developer who builds for optimisation from the ground up? IT Wollongong is the place to call!

IT Wollongong are WordPress developers focused on small businesses in the Wollongong and greater Illawarra area. We build sleek, lightning-fast websites that deliver the information your customers are looking for.

Whether you want to build a brand new website or rebuild one that isn’t performing, our expert WordPress developer can offer a custom solution at a budget-conscious price. Read more below, or contact us today to get started on your new WordPress website.

WordPress developer example: our "Baseline3" theme displayed on various devices
WordPress developer example: our “Baseline3” theme displayed on various devices

Optimised WordPress development, right from the foundation

You might already know it—WordPress is an amazing platform for sharing your business with the world. In the right hands, it’s the most robust and versatile Content Management System on offer, not to mention the best for Search Engine Optimisation.

But what exactly are “the right hands”? You can build a fine site with WordPress out of the box. However, to truly unlock its potential, you need an experienced WordPress developer. That’s where IT Wollongong comes in.

Whether you want an informational site or a full-featured eCommerce platform, IT Wollongong can build a custom WordPress site tailored to meet your needs. Our user-first approach to web development is your ticket to a fast, beautiful, effective website that performs optimally for years to come.

WordPress Conversion Experts

If your existing website isn’t quite delivering what you need, we can help. Our WordPress developer can convert all content and existing functionality from your existing site, into the world’s most popular CMS.

  • Convert your existing content so you don’t lose any of your hard work
  • Seamless transition so your site experiences as close to zero down-time as possible.
  • Preserve the current look and feel of your site, or go in a bold new direction—it’s up to you!

Converting a static html site?

You’ll love being able to update your site without paying a developer for every little change. A modern CMS makes managing your content quick and easy—if you can use a word processor or make a Facebook post, you can be a WordPress editor!

If your business has other team members, you can even create accounts for everybody to help. You can keep your content up to date, make blog posts to engage your clients, and even manage online sales directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Converting from another CMS?

WordPress has a lot of advantages. Our favourite is its outstanding flexibility. Because WordPress is so deeply customisable, we have the freedom to create exactly the site you need. That same flexibility lets us do it without compromising on speed or search engine optimisation, which means you get the best results for your investment.

Converting to WordPress also gives you full ownership of your site. Because WordPress is free software that can run on any web server, you can take your site to a new developer or a new host any time you like. It’s your site, so you should own it completely—right?

Why we’re different: avoiding common WordPress developer mistakes

Often, we meet clients who have an existing site that simply isn’t performing. The reasons are usually obvious; their previous WordPress developer has made a site using a bloated theme, way too many plugins, and little care for optimisation and SEO.

Sadly, not every developer out there is delivering the results their clients deserve. It’s easy to get stuck with a bloated, unsuccessful website that simply isn’t what you were promised.

Want to know why we’re different? Keep reading as we look at some of the principles we use to avoid common WordPress developer mistakes.

✔ Efficient use of plugins

Plugin bloat will slow down any website. So, your WordPress developer needs to use plugins wisely to keep things optimised. If your developer uses a new plugin for every little customisation, you have a recipe for lag. On the other hand, if they use huge all-in-one plugins, they might load your site up with functionality you don’t need.

A good WordPress developer knows how to carefully select the most efficient plugins for the job. Our expertise lets us solve problems using core functionality and settings, rather than just installing another plugin. We also vet every plugin we use—so you get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

✔ No expensive designer aids

We often see sites where the developers have used a premium paid theme or page builder plugin (or both!) to create their visual design. These tools give developers a shortcut to easily create the kind of flashy design that dazzles their clients. However, the developer might not have mentioned that it now falls upon you to continue paying for the tool they used!

If you don’t renew the license, your site won’t stop working. However, you won’t be able to update the premium extensions, which means any bugs or security vulnerabilities will be there to stay. We don’t think it’s okay to leave your clients with that kind of burden!

Instead of expensive design tools, we build our themes to work efficiently and predictably with WordPress core functionality. And, because that’s how WordPress themes are meant to be developed, it works!

✔ No Outsourcing

Some agencies outsource custom WordPress work, rather than having a WordPress developer in house. You don’t know who is really coding your website—or if they will be around to help when you find a bug in your live site.

At IT Wollongong, we create your website entirely in-house, never outsourcing any part of WordPress development. You can rest easy knowing that if something goes wrong, we’re only a phone call away.

Woman frustrated by a WordPress developer who goes incommunicado!
Don’t be frustrated by a WordPress developer who goes incommunicado!

✔ Fast and functional design

When you’re commissioning a website, it’s easy to be tempted by flashy design gimmicks. But no matter how exciting it is, flashy design can never replace the value of a highly functional, fast, intuitive user experience. Google knows that too—which is why it analyses your site for speed, mobile compatibility, and other usability issues.

At IT Wollongong, we develop WordPress sites with user experience at the top of our priorities. We believe in clean, effective design that gives visitors what they came for—and keeps Google happy at the same time!

Can you save my WordPress site?

IT Wollongong are experts in rescuing slow, buggy, and poorly-ranked WordPress sites. And it may be surprising, but the best answer is usually a complete rebuild.

While it seems like there should be less work in repairing a badly built site, the problems often run deep, right to the core of the theme. If your theme is slow and inefficient, or relies on a bloated page builder plugin, a WordPress developer (no matter how skilled!) has limited options for fixing it. The worse the code is, the more we have to fix before we can even get back to default speeds.

A rebuild might seem wasteful—but why put developer hours into fixing past mistakes, when you could be starting fresh? Building a new theme offers a chance to do things the right way, optimised from the ground up.

Our WordPress developer will design a custom theme that lets you keep the look and feel of your site, but lose the bloat. In most cases, you can barely see the difference—until you look at load times and page rankings! Contact IT Wollongong today to get started.

The WordPress developer Wollongong is looking for

If you want a fast, effective website that climbs the rankings and stays there, then don’t delay. Call IT Wollongong today to find out how our expert WordPress developer can build the site your business needs. You can count on us!

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