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IT Wollongong offers four excellent SEO packages. Our GoPower and Turbo packages provide full SEO services while our DIY package lets you do the work yourself with our expert guidance in the form of a monthly face-to-face consultation.

  • Go $320/month
  • Power $640/month
  • Turbo $960/month
  • DIY $80/month

Each of the full-service packages gives you the same high quality SEO work, individually tailored to the needs of your business. The main difference between these packages relates to just how much SEO activity is completed in each month. The exact nature of the work we will do for you will depend on many different variables including the current visibility of your website, the geographic extent of your potential customer base and the level of online competition from other businesses selling similar products or services to yours.

Chart Showing SEO Package Comparison
SEO Package Comparison

The Go package provides you with 4 hours of expert SEO work per month while the Power and Turbo packages provide 8 and12 hours of work per month, respectively.

One bonus with choosing either the Power or the Turbo packages is that you also receive a Kick Starter component which is added on free of charge. The Kick Starter component provides 2 hours of additional SEO work for the first month to get your SEO off to a flying start.

With each package, customers are provided with a run-down on the performance of the website in a monthly report for the Go and Power packages and fortnightly for the Turbo package.

All of our packages offer the flexibility to deliver appropriate SEO strategies for the situation at hand.

Illustration showing Truck 'Delivering' IT Wollongong's high quality SEO packages
IT Wollongong’s high quality SEO packages

SEO activities that will be used where appropriate in consultation with you will include the following:

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Guidance and assistance with appropriate content generation. If you need content generated on your behalf we can arrange that also.
  • Construction of potential customer profiles
  • Site re-structuring
  • Suggestions for improving webpage loading times
  • Optimisation of Title, Meta Description, Heading and Image tags
  • Use of Micro Data
  • Setting up and use of Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) which provides important information
  • Setting up and use of Google Analytics for useful visitor behaviour data
  • Submission of key new and modified pages to Google’s Index
  • Local directory listing submissions to improve local search visibility (includes Google My Business/Maps/Google+)
  • Keeping daily records of what is done page content and off-page strategies
  • Advice on social media activities
  • Advice and assistance with link building strategies

For a more detailed run-down of the things we may do to increase traffic to your website, please see our main SEO page.

If you would like to order one of the SEO packages from IT Wollongong, call Steve on (02) 4227 6630.

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