Privacy Policy

In the process of running our business we necessarily collect and store personal and other supplied to us by our clients.

Collected Information

  • Names and addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses are used by us to service and contact clients
  • Information relating to clients service requirements are used by us for directing appropriately tailored services
  • Electronic data (text, images etc.) are used by us for testing and developing software and websites for clients
  • Client hard disk data is sometimes copied by us and stored temporarily to allow the client systems to be recovered or data to be moved to other media


The information collected by us is not used for reasons other than specified above.

The collected information relating to any client will not be passed on to other people or businesses without the client’s full consent.

Any information we hold relating to a client may be viewed by the client upon the client’s request.

All collected information is stored securely. Our computers have hardware and software firewalls and our client databases are password protected and encrypted.

If any client wishes to know anything about how we handle their information we will let them know on request.

Who to contact

For all privacy concerns regarding any data held by us, please contact:

Stephen Perrett

IT Wollongong
42 Poulter St
West Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: (02) 4227 6630
Email: click here

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