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Don’t get stuck with an outdated website! Take control of your WordPress with IT Wollongong’s personalised WordPress training.

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) for creating personal and small business websites. It’s versatile, free and open-source, so it’s very popular with web designers. However, they sometimes forget that not everybody knows WordPress as well as they do!

It’s tricky trying to work out a CMS on your own!

Too often, we at IT Wollongong meet business owners who been given the keys to their shiny new WordPress site, but not the training required to manage it. Without the ability to update and maintain their site, they struggle with outdated content, security issues and an inability to communicate with customers. What good is a content management system if you don’t know how to, well, manage it?

If your designer has left you and your WordPress high and dry, we can help! We offer friendly, approachable WordPress training for all skill levels. Just call (02) 4227 6630 to take the first step on your personalised WordPress training path.

Your Website, Our Expertise

ITW are experts in WordPress design, development and content publishing. Whether you need major theme adjustments, or just want to know what a widget is, we can guide you through the relevant topics at a pace designed just for you. And because we’ll be working on your actual website, you get hands-on experience making desired changes as we train!

At IT Wollongong, we tailor all training sessions to your experience and goals, so we don’t have a formal lesson plan. However, here some broad groups of topics we could cover during your WordPress training sessions.

WordPress training basics

If you don’t know where to begin, then we should start with the basics. We will teach you the fundamentals of owning and managing a WordPress site, and introduce you to the back-end administration interface.

  • Log in, change password and manage your account
  • Create secondary user accounts and manage permissions
  • Manage core site settings
  • Change branding elements like site name and banner image
  • Understand themes, plugins, and other core WordPress concepts

Content and publishing

If you haven’t worked with WordPress before, chances are your main focus is on how to add and update content. We can show you how to use the core WordPress editor to create great-looking, high-quality content that puts your business’s best foot forward.

  • Understand the difference between pages and posts
  • Create new pages and posts
  • Add content using the blocks (Gutenberg) editor or the classic editor
  • Understand best-practice for creating good content
  • Use categories and tags to provide context for your content
  • Create logical content structure with page parents
  • Use page templates to control layout & presentation

Layouts, sidebars and asides

Elements like sidebars and footers are handle differently to the main content area, so people often get stuck with outdated info in these critical locations. We can show you how to manage what appears in these areas, so you can always keep them current and relevant.

  • Control widgets and their settings
  • Add or remove menu items
  • Manage contact forms and other specialty pages
  • Acquire and evaluate plugins

Site maintenance

Maintenance is important for keeping your site efficient and secure. We can show you how to keep your WordPress core, plugins and themes up to date, and also speed up your website by getting rid of anything you don’t need. We can also show you how to create backups in case something goes wrong.

  • Backup and update WordPress
  • Manage plugins
  • Enable analytics

Advanced content and management

Every WordPress site is a little different, so there’s always something new to learn. That said, some are more different than others! If your designer has used a complex theme or page builder, you will need to learn much more specific techniques in addition to basic editing. We don’t recommend using these sorts of WordPress extensions, but if you have one already, we can certainly help you figure it out.

If you don’t know which themes and plugins have been used, that’s perfectly understandable! Designers don’t often provide this kind of technical info to their clients. However, we can investigate with you to find out how much your site differs from the core WordPress tools, and address whatever we need to in order to get you working together.

Woman happy with computer training
Working with WordPress can be a breeze, once you know how!

WordPress training resources

Your IT Wollongong WordPress training doesn’t end when the session is over. We have also composed a series of tutorials to help you continue working on your site, at whatever pace you fancy.

Take control of your site with personalised WordPress training

If you’re ready to unlock the power of your WordPress website, why wait? Call IT Wollongong today on (02) 4227 6630 to get started with your personal, fully-tailored WordPress training.

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