Microsoft Word Training – Wollongong

If you are located in the Wollongong area you may receive your one-on-one Microsoft Word training in person using your own computer in any topic relating to the creation and use of Word documents and templates.

Right Version

When you select your training, you need it to be conducted in the right version for you. IT Wollongong offers training in any version so you can have the training that’s right for you.

Anything in Word

if you’re very new to computers and word processing, you’ll need to master the basics of working with Word documents.

Those with a basic understanding of Word will be interested in learning how to create classy looking documents or setting up mail merged documents that automatically insert personalised information from a recipients list.

MS Word basics

  • Open Word
  • Customize Toolbars
  • Print Layout view
  • Typing Paragraphs
  • Positioning the insertion point
  • Backspace and Delete
  • Scrolling through the Document
  • Save
  • Save As
  • Exit
  • Close Word
  • Open a document
  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Zoom
  • Print
  • Print Preview

Classy Word Docs

More advanced users will be ready to be coached on how to create documents with class.

In a coaching session it can be helpful if you begin working towards creating the kind of document you want to be able to create. The document could be a letter, essay, catalogue, book, thesis, etc, it doesn’t matter.

As you learn more about Word you’ll get to understand its huge potential.

A typical coaching session can involve learning a subset of the different topics listed below.

  • Selecting paragraphs
  • Align left, Center, Align right, Justify paragraphs
  • Selecting text
  • Bold, Italic, Underline Formatting text
  • Format Painter
  • Undo and Redo
  • Spell Check
  • Look up words in Thesaurus etc.
  • Line Spacing
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Paragraph Indents
  • Bullets
  • Numbered Lists
  • Headers and Footers
  • Page Breaks
  • Page Setup
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Drag and Drop
  • Working with more than one document at a time
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Styles
  • Themes
  • Document Map
  • Thumbnails
  • Working with Templates
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Mail Merging Fields
  • Envelopes and Labels
  • Hyperlinks
  • Auto Correct
  • Table of Contents
  • Index
  • Images
  • Drawing
  • Charts
  • Footnotes
  • Captions
  • Cross Referencing
  • Field Codes
  • Macros
  • Visual Basic Programming

Actually anything that can be done in Word can be covered in friendly one-on-one computer training sessions.

Just decide what you want to accomplish and contact office to arrange a coaching plan that’s right for you.


To save you time we can create customised ready made documents for you.

  • Templates
  • Template Systems
  • Documents that interact programmatically with user inputs and/or other programs.
  • Mail Merge systems

If you need training/coaching in any area of Microsoft Word document creation and are based in the Wollongong area, we can assist you.

Call Steve on (02) 4227 6630 for one-on-one Microsoft Word Training in Wollongong.

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