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The Data

This page contains information about the success of some of our clients’ websites. The data reported was obtained on 15-Aug-2015. Data sources are as follows:

Search Volume

This was obtained from the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and represents the number of times each month the exact form of the particular search phrase is used.

Organic Position

This is the position that the website is mentioned in Google’s organic search results. Local search results and ads are not counted in this data.

Local Position

This is the position of the business in Google’s local business search results which is often accompanied with a map.  These results do not always show. We have used N/A in cases where Google doesn’t display local business listings. Google now limits the number of listings displayed on the first page to three but provides a More link at the bottom. If the website appears on the page after the More link is clicked we report the position on this second page with the word More pre-pended to it.


If you would like to verify the position data for yourself you may click on the search phrase and this will open a new window displaying non-personalised search results for you to view.

Wollongong Dental

The following table shows search results for the Wollongong Dental website www.wollongongdental.com.au.

Search PhraseSearch VolumeOrganic PositionLocal Position
Dentist Wollongong26011
Wollongong Dentist17011
Dentists Wollongong7011

“I would recommend Steve to anyone needing a new website! Our new website is now highly ranked, making a difference to our business. Steve also works very hard, replies very quickly and is very willing to help make any changes necessary – big or small!”

Wollongong Dental

Luna Custom Covers

The Luna Custom Covers website (www.lunacustomcovers.com.au) comes up first for Boat Covers Wollongong, which is great for their business.

Search PhraseSearch VolumeOrganic PositionLocal Position
Boat Covers Wollongong1011

“I get enquiries from all over the place, Sydney, Perth and Tasmania. It has been good. Definitely!”

Paul, Luna Custom Covers

Highlands Tutoring

The Highlands Tutoring website (www.highlandstutoring.com.au) is the top website for many search terms that include tutor, tutors or tutoring and Bowral. the highest volume search term is Tutoring Bowral.

Search PhraseSearch VolumeOrganic PositionLocal Position
Tutoring Bowral1011

“Stephen has been nothing but thorough and professional. I am definitely not a “tech wiz”, and he made everything so simple!”

Alison, Highlands Tutoring

Flawless Makeup Academy

The website: www.flawlessmakeupacademy.com.au now dominates Google’s search results for the popular search term: makeup courses Wollongong.

Search PhraseSearch VolumeOrganic PositionLocal Position
Makeup Courses Wollongong501&21

“Steven has been a critical part of my business’ success, allowing both and existing website and a brand new one to reach the first page of google and other search sites both quickly and within my budget restraints. His ideas are fresh and he listens to what you want to achieve and why. Highly recommend Steven to any one who would like to have successful SEO services.”

Olivia, Flawless Makeup Academy
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