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IT Wollongong’s SEO expert, Steve Perrett has an excellent record for improving website search engine rankings. If you’ve been looking for someone in Wollongong with SEO expertise, you won’t have to search any further!

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When you need your website to bring you customers, you need an SEO expert!

Why you need an SEO expert

There are a great number of simple actions you can take to improve search engine rankings. However, like many things in life, you can easily end up causing more harm than good if you naively do the wrong things. Over the years, SEO has become an increasingly complex endeavour. The chance of achieving success with a website without having gained a substantial body of knowledge and experience is rather low.

Tailored optimisation

Steve has the experience to know what factors are likely to help and those that may be impeding success. Steve follows general guidelines but knows there isn’t one hard set of rules. In the same way that different businesses have their own unique challenges, different websites require strategies tailored to their specific characteristics. Steve considers the unique requirements of each website as well as the business it represents to formulate appropriate strategies.

Methodical approach

Because search engines are in the business of providing highly relevant search results, they aggressively compete with each other and are constantly updating their algorithms to improve their search results and thereby attract more users. Since search engine algorithms are being continually updated, you can expect the search results they provide to vary over time.

Volatility of search results is also produced by the fact that many new websites and webpages are being created every day and existing ones undergo modification. This means that there is an ongoing fluidity of the quality and quantity of pages available on the web.

Optimisation therefore requires a highly methodical approach which includes continuous monitoring, record keeping as well as making modifications to content etc. where appropriate.

Track record

Steve has been working as an SEO expert since 2006. Read how Steve became an SEO here. During that time he has worked on a large number of webpages and has been able to reliably get them to appear on the first page of Google for relevant search phrases.

You can discover more about Steve’s approach to SEO by browsing other relevant pages on this site.

Call Steve Perrett on (02) 4227 6630 to find out what he can do for your website!

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