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Unlock your website’s hidden potential with a professional SEO copywriter today!

Have you invested in a website that never shows up in search results? More than likely, content is the key. Too often, great-looking websites simply don’t rank, because they’re not providing visitors with enough information. This has shown us that quality copywriting is a huge factor in boosting your page rankings.

IT Wollongong’s SEO copywriting services will help you:

  • Boost page rankings for better exposure
  • Engage visitors and encourage contact
  • Show Google that your business is genuine and trustworthy

So if Google seems to be ignoring your website, give IT Wollongong a call today. You’ll be amazed at what a professional SEO copywriter can do!

Unlock your website’s potential with quality SEO copy

Are You Invisible Online?

Your business is the best. You know it, your regular customers know it – but how can you invite everybody else to find out? Of course you have a website, but the competition is fiercer than ever. How do you make sure your website is the one customers will find?

Presenting your visitors with unique, interesting content is a crucial part of being found online. However, most people don’t realise its importance at all! It’s easy to understand why visual impact is important, but content isn’t so obvious. Fortunately, IT Wollongong is here to help.

Quality SEO copywriting is a cornerstone of our strategy, because we know the value of well-crafted web copy. Call today and find out how a professional SEO copywriter can boost your business profile online!

What is SEO Writing?

SEO writing is sales copy created to aid in Search Engine Optimisation. That means working out meaningful ways to include key terms and search phrases in the text – while still producing a coherent, informative final article. A good SEO copywriter will craft content which is:

  • Relevant to your products and services
  • Unique to your website, not duplicated from elsewhere
  • Well-written and designed for visitors to enjoy, and
  • Informative for both humans and Google

At IT Wollongong, this is exactly what we deliver for your website. As an experienced SEO copywriter, we know how to create content that appeals to human visitors and search engines, without compromising your message.

Your Knowledge, Our Expertise

Nobody knows your business like you do. But as a small business owner, you want to focus on delivering outstanding products or services – not on writing marketing copy! That’s where an SEO copywriter like IT Wollongong comes in. We have the skills to turn your expertise into informative, engaging content. We work with you to identify what your customers want to know, and filter that information through our expert SEO writing techniques.

Great content helps you connect with your customers. It also boosts your search engine rankings, as Google sees you providing relevant information that keeps visitors engaged. This helps Google learn that your business is authentic and trustworthy, which leads to a long-lasting rise in rankings. Our SEO copywriting services build your online presence, while leaving you free to do what you do best!

Why Hire a Professional SEO Copywriter?

Writing for SEO is a specialised skill, so it’s best to use a writer who has specific experience. Make no mistake; poorly written website copy can easily hurt your rankings rather than help. Common mistakes made by inexperienced copywriters include:

  • Emphasising key words at the cost of readability
  • Relying heavily on templates or common phrases that make your content less distinctive
  • Poorly-understood topics/incorrect information
  • Focusing topics too broadly, or too narrowly

All these mistakes can lead to your site being penalised by search engines, which prevents new customers from discovering your business. It can also take a long time to reverse, even after the problems are corrected. The smart choice is simply to avoid taking chances with sub-par web copy.

Why choose IT Wollongong? Because we specialise in small business copywriting for search engine optimisation. Our track record speaks for itself: we understand how to write SEO copy that gets results! With our SEO copywriting services, you’ll boost your search engine rankings, and help your products or services shine.

The Full Package

Content is a fundamental part of our strategy, but it’s not our only technique! We specialise in all small business SEO services, and getting great local results. If you’re serious about making your business everybody’s first choice, then our local business SEO packages are for you! You’ll not only benefit from quality copywriting services, but from a full range of expert Search Engine Optimisation services.

  • Technical tuning and structural advice for a fast-loading, error-free website
  • Expert keyword analysis and targeting advice
  • Ongoing performance monitoring, and more.

We develop a complete SEO roadmap, customised to your goals and budget. So if you want your website to perform better than ever, ask IT Wollongong about SEO copywriting services today!

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