Web Design Wollongong: Fast, User-Friendly & Businesslike

Do you want the fastest, user-friendliest and most businesslike web design Wollongong has to offer?

IT Wollongong is your one-stop-shop for professional business-oriented web design and development. We specialise in helping local Wollongong businesses succeed with fast, high-ranking, user-friendly and businesslike websites.

  • Blazing fast business websites
  • Clean, effective, responsive web design
  • Proven SEO and content creation
  • Designs that allow you to easily add and edit content
  • A variety of packages to suit your budget

If you’re looking for a Wollongong web design company capable of delivering high-performance websites at an affordable price, then it’s time to give us a call! Contact our sales manager Janeene on 0402 002 154 to find out how we can get you discovered online!

If it isn’t fast, then it’s free

At IT Wollongong, we’re proud of our sleek, super-fast business websites. In fact, we’re so confident in our fast load times that we guarantee them! If the website we design and build for you can’t score over 90% on Google’s Page Speed Insights test, then you pay nothing!

Web design examples: IT Wollongong's "Baseline3" WordPress theme displayed on various devices

Who’s Looking for You?

Like a tree falling in the woods, a website doesn’t mean much if nobody is there to observe it. The last thing you want is a beautifully designed page that nobody ever visits!

In this world of smartphones and tablets, people are less likely than ever to use bookmarks or type in web addresses. Instead, they rely on search engines to direct them to the most relevant sites. This means that pages ranking highly with Google, and other search engines, are far more likely to connect you with potential customers.

Therefore, good web design needs to be aware of the core traits that earn high rankings. At IT Wollongong, we think that your website’s ability to attract and engage visitors is its most important feature. We prioritise SEO-focused web design so you get a high-ranking website that’s easy for customers to discover. And because we deliver unique and interesting content, visitors want to stick around and get involved.

Whatever your business does, somebody is out there looking for you right now—so let them find you!

Don't be slowed down by bad web design ideas

Professional web design for every business

Our fully-hosted business websites come in a range of packages to suit any business or budget.

  • Gong Special Websites: In association with TheGong.com.au, this special entry-level web package will get your information online before you know it. Perfect for local business; just provide your content, and we’ll do the rest!
  • Economy Websites: If budget is your priority, our economy package offers unique content and professional SEO for a fraction of the price of a big business website. We handle everything from design to content, so all you have to worry about is your customers!
  • Performance Pro Websites: Serious about search rankings? With custom content for targeting a variety of search terms, this premium package will help your business stand out from the crowd!
  • Performance Pro Plus Websites: The complete package! You’ll get professional design and extensive unique content plus professional SEO with extended marketing and support. Perfect for businesses who want it all!

If you want to see a detailed list of features included in each deal, you can also read more about our Wollongong web design packages. Or, if you want to see our work in action, you can explore our demo WordPress site here.

Our Web Design Philosophy

When you choose IT Wollongong, we won’t waste your time with fancy features you don’t want or add-ins you don’t understand. We do things the honest way—functional, no-nonsense design, coupled with quality unique content created specifically for your business.

All of our websites are sleek and streamlined, simple to use, and highly functional across desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile devices. It’s simple, really—when your website is easy to find and easy to use, your products or services are easy to buy!

For more about what makes a site effective, check out our successful website design checklist.

Functionality First

Everybody wants their webpage to look great, but it’s easy to get caught up in fanciful designs that harm overall functionality. A successful website must put usability first, so your visitors don’t get frustrated by gimmicks or complex layouts.

Our clean, responsive websites place important information front and centre, so your visitors know straight away that they’ve come to the right place.

  • Responsive design: One size does not fit all! Our responsive web design ensures that your website looks good across a variety of platforms and devices, while still maintaining a consistent visual style.
  • Loading Speed: Customers don’t want to wait around for a site to load. So if your website takes too long, they’re probably taking their business elsewhere! Our clutter-free approach to web design means that your pages load quickly, even over mobile connections.
  • Accessibility: Just like browsing devices, different users have different requirements. By exercising good accessibility principles in building your website, we make sure that visitors can access your site on their terms—so you don’t miss out on any potential customers.
Most web browsing today is performed on mobile devices

Genuine Content

Human viewers and automated search engines may have different priorities, but they can certainly agree on one thing—a useful website has quality unique content.

Unfortunately, writing your own content can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when it comes to advertising! That’s why our web design packages come with high-quality unique content, produced in consultation with you.

Whether it’s sales copy to promote your products, or an industry-related article to engage visitors, the content we produce is written specifically for your business. We don’t re-use copy from elsewhere, or base content on existing boilerplate. Your visitors will love the added value, and you’ll love the extra traffic!

  • Better for humans: Shopping around can be a frustrating experience. Visitors want useful, easy-to-read information, not copy-and-paste boilerplate.
  • Better for sales: If your website’s content isn’t unique, visitors will find you less memorable and less engaging. Genuine content helps visitors understand what you offer, and find what they’re looking for.
  • Better for rankings: Search engines penalise sites that have sparse low-quality content, or text copied from other sites. Having unique content means better rankings, and no copycat penalties!

The Web Design Wollongong Businesses Love!

Ready to see what IT Wollongong can do for your business? Your businesslike, user-friendly, high-ranking website is just a phone call away. Call our sales manager Janeene Bassett on 0402 002 154, and let us build the website that brings you online success!

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