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Do you want your website to bring you a stream of customers who want what you sell? The easiest and most cost effective way to achieve this is with SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

IT Wollongong is an SEO agency with a strong track record of successfully assisting businesses from the Illawarra and beyond, to obtain increased numbers of customers via the internet. We can do whatever it takes for your websites to be prominently placed on the first page of Google for highly relevant and popular search terms.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Prominence in relevant search results

In this day and age, if people are looking for a product or service, they will more than likely use Google to search for it on the web. The websites that appear regularly in relevant search results on Google have a greater chance of receiving visits than those that don’t. Being placed on the first page in relevant search results is great but as a general rule, the higher up a website appears, the more visitors the website is likely to receive. Ideally, your website needs to be ranked within the top three positions for relevant and popularly used search phrases.

With an SEO specialist on your side, you can expect increasing numbers of website visitors wishing to purchase the things you are offering. With more and more qualified traffic, you will be able to count on increased sales and profitability. If your website isn’t appearing regularly in relevant search results, you are staring at a great potential for improving your profitability and taking your business to the next level.

The SEO Wollongong Deserves: Our Packages

With IT Wollongong engaged as your SEO services provider, you can expect to see substantial increases in the amount of qualified web traffic to your site. Our standard SEO packages are priced from $320 per month. For businesses on tight budgets, we also offer a DIY package for just $80 per month. There are no lock-in contracts with any of our packages. Compared with other forms of marketing, these relatively low prices make SEO an extremely attractive and affordable way to go. See our range of SEO packages for more information.

What do IT Wollongong SEO services involve?

In order to raise the volume of qualified traffic a website receives, an SEO campaign will normally involve a diverse range of tactical activities. Every website will have its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the prevailing circumstances, IT Wollongong directs its activities to achieving the greatest return on investment for its clients. For you to have a greater understanding of what our services involve, the activities we commonly use are outlined below.

Keyword research

A crucial component of any strategy that aims at boosting website traffic relates to the identification of the most useful keywords or search phrases you can target. The most important keywords or search terms generally relate to the products and services the business offers for sale.

A potentially useful search term describes a product or service you sell concisely and may or may not include a brand name. While keyword research identifies possible search terms, it also ascertains their search volume (or the frequency with which they are used). A further important task is identifying those phrases that suggest buying intent. For example the search phrase, ‘SEO services in Wollongong’, suggests the user would be looking to hire an SEO company based in Wollongong. On the other hand, a search term such as ‘SEO tips’, does not carry signals of buying intent, it implies the user is merely looking for information.

Terms with higher search volumes and stronger signals of buying intent are generally more useful and therefore given higher priority when choosing the keywords to target. Read our article: A keyword research strategy to find out more on how we set about finding useful keywords to target.

Web content – suggestion, generation and modification

After the target keywords are identified, the content of the website will often need to be upgraded to make it as relevant, valuable, unique, readable and as engaging as possible. This may involve generating new pages of content or enhancing the information that is already present on the site. It may also involve combining several pages of information to produce something more potent for attracting visits arising from a particular set of search phrases.

When optimising a website for search engines, text is the principal form of content. Text is really the only form of content that has the ability to provide search engines with an understanding of what a web page is about. Other forms of content, such as images, audio and video, are highly important for improving the experience of human visitors but unfortunately, these other forms of content, cannot be readily understood by machines. Search engines rely on machines (or robots) for indexing web pages in order to provide relevant search results. When non-text web content is used it is highly beneficial to have it accompanied by text to give the search engines the information they need to correctly index it.

In working with you, IT Wollongong will devote considerable effort to find ways to improve your site’s content so that it fulfils the needs of your customers while satisfying the needs of the search engines. We can create content on your behalf or collaborate with you. The aim is always to produce high-quality, search-engine-friendly, consumer-friendly web pages for your site. Read: ‘The importance of high-quality content for SEO‘, for our perspective on what web pages need to exhibit in order to rank highly.

Improving the user experience

The user experience (UX) is considered to be highly important in today’s SEO climate. Just about any factor that can be considered an improvement to the experience of users (or in other words, visitors to your website) has the potential to increase traffic. When people have a good experience while viewing information on a website, a positive first impression of the business is being generated. Marketers know that first impressions are hugely important for the selling process.

While a good first impression can assist in a purchase, it may also produce a social media recommendation, a valuable link to your site being placed on the visitor’s own website or even a word of mouth recommendation. It is in Google’s interest to understand a site’s UX properties and a website that generates a good user experience is certainly going to be advantageous to its owner.

Whether a visitor to your website has a good experience can depend on how quickly the pages load, how well the pages render on various static and mobile devices, how useful or enjoyable your content is and how easy the site is to navigate. Our best practice SEO includes assessing UX factors and formulating ideas for improving them.

The local SEO Wollongong can be proud of

For businesses that need to target customers in a particular geographical region, prominence in the local search results (or local map pack) provided by Google, has become increasingly important. Making sure your business is listed in the correct way on local business citation sites is known to have a significant effect. Being listed on various citation sites, such as Google My Business, True Local, Local Search, Yellow Pages and Yelp helps establish your credentials as a trusted local business.

When a business is listed on a citation site, the public are at liberty to rate the quality of the business. This makes it more difficult for shonky or poor service businesses because if they are listed on these citation sites, they become open to receiving poor reviews from disgruntled customers. These ratings are seen as a valuable resource for web users for assessing which businesses to approach. A business which has an absence of bad reviews is, therefore, more likely to do better than one that has a high proportion of bad reviews.

Good reviews are generally thought to have a positive effect. However, people don’t normally feel inclined to give positive reviews unless prompted to do so. This situation has led to some SEO-oriented individuals to be motivated towards creating fake reviews in order to present a misleading favourable impression of their business. Fake reviews usually look ‘spammy’ and may give potential customers the opposite impression to the business owner’s intentions. Google may also detect fake reviews as having been gained through unnatural means which may result in lower rankings in local search. Therefore, caution needs to be taken when asking for reviews to avoid having them interpreted by users and search engines as ‘spammy’.

IT Wollongong has a cautious strategy to requesting reviews to reduce the possibility of accumulating reviews that may possibly be interpreted as having been unnaturally obtained.

Link earning rather than link building

Google looks at the links from other websites in order to gauge how popular a particular webpage is. Pages with many inbound links will be assessed as being more popular and will, therefore, tend to rank more highly than those pages with only a few inbound links. In Google’s estimation, popularity calculated by the number of inbound links is one easy way to gauge the value a page for its users. The idea is that the more inbound links a page has the greater its value. It is assumed that anyone creating a link has assessed the page being linked to as being worthy of that link. Therefore Google will be more inclined to send users to web pages that have many inbound links.

Knowing the value of inbound links, the generation of inbound links has come to be seen as a useful SEO tactic. However, artificially creating inbound links isn’t going to cut it. Links must be earned rather than simply built if they are going to be of any use. Links are useful only if the pages doing the linking have merit. The building of links using trashy websites to falsely indicate popularity has been a practice undertaken by many describing themselves as SEO experts. This idea did work for a time but link building in this way is almost certainly going to do your site more harm than good, in the present day.

Google is now hugely sophisticated in how it assigns value to a link and has developed various ways to understand whether a link has been produced naturally or otherwise. Google will punish sites by awarding lower or zero rankings if they detect evidence of unnatural linking. Because link building is potentially harmful, IT Wollongong does not engage in its practice per se, however, on occasions, we will suggest reaching out to request links where there is a reasonable chance that reputable article authors on other sites will see value for their readers in providing a link to a page on your site. If you have excellent relevant information on your site, receiving a link in this way is definitely an opportunity worth pursuing.

Publishing high quality, uniquely valuable, informational content that can be found on search engines is probably the most efficient and useful way to earn links from other websites, whether you ask for links or not.

Record keeping and data analysis

Another SEO activity is keeping up to date with how well a website’s pages are ranking and mapping past optimization efforts onto subsequent performance in the search engine results. This activity helps keep SEO activities on track. SEO is a complex exercise with multiple factors including the constant updating of search engine algorithms leading to the occasional unforeseen outcome. Keeping accurate records over time allows an SEO specialist to better understand what the search engines want and to be able to undo any implementations if they lead to undesired results.

Being able to think analytically about situations as they arise can be critical. Analysis of the SEO records assists in understanding whether changes in search results are related to search engine algorithmic changes or are due to the particular search engine optimisation tactics that have been used. IT Wollongong uses an array of methods to keep track of search results performance and data analysis to allow us to maintain prominent online visibility and facilitate on-going gains in relevant search results over time.

Technical aspects

Technical ability and knowledge are also necessary for conducting SEO. For example, if a URL is modified, it is important to set up 301-redirects to avoid prolonged drops in position for the page. Sound knowledge of HTML markup, CSS, Javascript, markup, canonical URLs, directory-level configuration and various other technical considerations allow us to help the search engines correctly understand a website. Our expertise on the technical side of optimising websites for search engines will be available to you if you decide to go with IT Wollongong to enhances your website’s online visibility.

Web design

For best results, a website should be designed with SEO factors firmly in mind. Unfortunately, many websites aren’t! Features relating to poor web design may include excessively long page load times, an extremely poor user experience, non-mobile friendliness and the absence of important features that permit normal SEO. In cases where the design of a website is so poor that it will require more work to fix the problems than to create a completely new website, we would recommend a complete redesign. As we understand web design from the perspective of SEO we are able to do this for you. In most cases, we are able to replicate the look of your current design while incorporating features compatible with good SEO. Please see our web design pages for more information.


The style of SEO conducted by IT Wollongong is ‘best practice’, ‘white hat’ and ethical. We are also fully transparent about what we do and clearly explain anything our clients ask about. In our view, communicating what we are doing and why, is essential to the overall success of any SEO strategy.

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