COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

In response to the current COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, IT Wollongong is suspending all in-person training and consultations as of March 18, 2020.

We are acting in accordance with the public health advice of the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. by practising social distancing. This simply means avoiding unnecessary person-to-person contact, including close-proximity spaces such as shared offices, wherever possible.

For us, this primarily means suspending in-person appointments. We are also having our staff work from home, on projects that don’t require face-to-face contact.

IT Wollongong places the highest value the safety of our customers and staff. We hope to do our part by engaging in a sensible and pro-active response to this disease.

Below we will try to explain a little more about our response to the virus. However, we are not health professionals; we recommend that you seek advice directly from verified sources like the World Health Organisation or the Department of Health Coronavirus Health Information Line.

Doing our part to flatten the curve

You may have heard the phrase “flattening the curve” in relation to the Coronavirus situation. This means that, while we expect a high number of cases, everybody is safer if we can slow the rate at which these cases occur.

During disease outbreaks, it’s the sharp spike in cases that puts strain on our healthcare infrastructure and resources. Even if we know how to manage the illness safely, limited resources mean that our ability to treat cases can be compromised when there are so many at once.

In other words, doing what we can to slow the spread of disease is an important public health measure. This is how we can make sure that limited heathcare resources are available to those who need them the most.

Regardless of whether we are in a high-risk category, flattening the curve is in all of our best interest. To learn more about what to do, you may find the Department of Health’s resources useful.

Helping your business make the best of a difficult situation

The coronavirus outbreak and response will likely represent a quiet period for many businesses. Good social distancing practises will generally lead to a reduction in in-person traffic. However, a strong online presence can help you mitigate this issue by letting customers find you easily online—without leaving their homes.

If you’d like to focus on improving your web presence, we can offer our advice and services. We are still able to perform web design and maintenance, copy-writing and SEO work at full capacity.

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