Web design and development: SEO Conscious Websites, Wollongong

IT Wollongong is your one stop shop for professional web design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), and quality copy writing in the Illawarra.

As experts in SEO, we specialise in helping other local Wollongong businesses achieve success by connecting them with new and existing customers online. If you’re looking for a Wollongong web design company who deliver high-performance websites at an excellent price, call our sales manager Janeene and find out how we can get you discovered online!

  • Clean, effective, responsive web design
  • Expert SEO and content creation
  • A variety of packages to suit your budget

Websites for Every Business

Our fully-hosted business websites come in a range of packages to suit any business or budget:

  • Gong Special Websites: In association with TheGong.com.au, this special entry-level web package will get your information online before you know it. Perfect for local business – just provide your content, and we’ll do the rest!
  • Economy Websites: If budget is your priority, our economy package offers unique content and professional SEO for a fraction of the price of a big business website. We handle everything from design to content – so all you have to worry about is your customers!
  • Performance Pro Websites: Serious about search rankings? With custom content for targeting a variety of search terms, this premium package will help your business stand out from the crowd!
  • Performance Pro Plus Websites: The complete package, combining extensive unique content and professional SEO with extended marketing and support. Perfect for businesses who want it all!

Keep reading to learn more about our fully-hosted business web design packages.

Who’s Looking for You?

Like a tree falling in the woods, a website doesn’t mean much if nobody is there to observe it – the last thing you want is a beautifully designed page that nobody ever visits! In this world of user-friendly mobile phones and tablets, people are less likely than ever to use bookmarks or type in a web address when they want a website.

Instead, they rely on search engines to direct them to the most relevant destinations. This means that pages ranking highly with Google and other search engines are far more likely to connect with potential customers than pages that don’t. Good web design needs to be conscious of the essential attributes that earn high rankings.

At IT Wollongong, we think that your website’s ability to attract and engage visitors is its most important design feature. Our priority is on delivering you a high-ranking website that’s easy to discover, and filled with unique and interesting content that makes visitors stick around and get involved. Whatever your business does, somebody is out there looking for you right now – so let them find you!

Our Web Design Philosophy

When you choose IT Wollongong, we won’t waste your time with fancy features you don’t want or add-ins you don’t understand. We do things the honest way – functional, no-nonsense design, coupled with quality unique content created specifically for your business.

All of our websites are sleek and streamlined, simple to use, and highly functional across desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile devices. It’s simple, really – when your website is easy to find and easy to use, your products or services are easy to buy!

Functionality First

Everybody wants their webpage to look great, but it’s easy to get caught up in fanciful designs that harm overall functionality. For a website to deliver a business advantage, usability needs to come first, so your visitors don’t get frustrated by gimmicks or confused by complicated layouts.

Our clean, responsive websites place important information front and centre, so your visitors know straight away that they’ve come to the right place.

  • Responsive design: One size doesn’t fit all! By creating responsive designs, we ensure that your website looks good across a variety of platforms and devices, while still maintaining a consistent visual style.
  • Loading Speed: Customers don’t want to wait around for a site to load, so if your website takes too long, they’re probably taking their business elsewhere. Our clutter-free approach to web design means that your pages load quickly, even over mobile connections.
  • Accessibility: Just like browsing devices, different users have different requirements. By exercising good accessibility principles in building your website, we make sure that visitors can access your site on their terms – so you don’t miss out on any potential customers.

Genuine Content

Human viewers and automated search engines may have different priorities, but they can certainly agree on one thing – a useful website has quality unique content.

Unfortunately, writing your own content can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when it comes to advertising your products or services! That’s why our web design packages come with high-quality unique content produced in consultation with you.

Whether it’s sales copy to promote your products, or an industry-related article to help visitors engage with your business and spend more time on your site, the content we produce is written specifically for your business, not re-used from elsewhere or based on existing boilerplate.

Your visitors will love the added value – and you’ll love the benefits of great search results!

  • Better for humans:Shopping around can be a frustrating experience. Visitors will appreciate receiving useful and easy-to-read information, that isn’t simply copied from other sites.
  • Better for sales:If your website’s content isn’t unique, visitors will find you less memorable and less engaging. Genuine content means helps visitors understand what you have to offer, and find what they’re looking for.
  • Better for rankings:Search engines penalise sites that have sparse low-quality content, or content duplicated elsewhere on the web. Having unique content means you get better rankings, and don’t get flagged as a copycat.

Web Design Packages

IT Wollongong offers a range of web design packages to suit a variety of budgets. With our fully hosted website packages, you can relax knowing that your hosting (site storage), domain name and regular maintenance are all included in one low annual fee.

Plus, we’ll take care of all the technical details, so you have nothing to worry about except your customers!

  • Reliable Web server hosting
  • Domain name registration in your name (eg: www.mywollongongbusiness.com.au)
  • Setup and maintenance

Whether you’re interested in entry-level info pages or self-managed content management systems, we can set up an ideal solution for your company’s specific needs.

Don’t see a package that suits you? Custom solutions are no trouble for our sales manager, Janeene Bassett. Just call 0402 002 154 and let us create a special package to suit the individual nature of your business – everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

Economy Websites (from $495 + $150/year)

Expert SEO at an Outstanding Price

If you need to boost your online profile on a tight budget, take advantage of our SEO Expertise with an Economy Website package.

  • One content (home) page
  • Contact page with email form and map
  • Unique and relevant sales/informational copy for your home page
  • Professional stock photos to engage your visitors
  • Listings on TheGong.com.au, Google My Business and LocalSearch business directories
  • Basic SEO
  • Free minor (text) updates over the first year
  • Fully Hosted with domain name included
  • Up to 3 email accounts at your domain (eg: contact@mywollongongbusiness.com.au)

More than just business info, your Economy website will feature unique sales/informational copy designed to speak to your customers’ specific interests. It will also be tailored to target your most important search terms, so it will be easier than ever for your customers to find you online!

Economy websites work best for businesses that focus on a single product or service typically associated with one distinct search term. If your business provides many different services, it will benefit more from a Performance package.

Economy websites are an excellent choice when funds are limited, and there is minimal competition within the service area.

Performance Pro (from $2,995 + $250/year)

Best Value – Stand Out from the Competition!

For businesses who are serious about being discovered online, our Performance Pro package lets you grow your business with high-quality content and optimisation.

  • Up to 5 informational/sales pages
  • Contact page with email form and map
  • Privacy Policy page
  • About Us page
  • Unique and relevant sales/informational copy for all pages
  • Professional stock photos to engage your visitors
  • Managed listings on TheGong.com.au, Google My Business and local business directories
  • Full SEO package, with separate targeted search terms for each page
  • Expert SEO monitoring for three months after launch
  • Free minor (text) updates over the first year
  • Separate hosting account

The Performance Pro package is all about getting traffic, with up to five pages of unique, detailed content targeting a variety of key search terms. For businesses that provide a range of products or services, each page can focus on a different specialty and target the most relevant search terms for optimal traffic.

You’ll also receive full SEO services and ongoing support for three months after launch. Pro websites will suit small to medium sized businesses where there is a moderate level of competition from others in the area of service.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, our Pro Website package is for you!

Performance Pro Plus (from $4,995 + $350/year)

All the Bells and Whistles!

If you’re facing some fierce competition, our Performance Pro Plus package can provide the boost you need to bring your business to the front of the pack.

  • Up to 10 informational/sales pages and articles
  • Contact page with email form and map
  • Privacy Policy page
  • About Us page
  • Unique and relevant sales/informational copy for all pages
  • Professional stock photos to engage your visitors
  • Extended marketing package including video and social content
  • Facebook and other social media accounts set up and connected
  • Listings on TheGong.com.au, Google My Business and local business directories set up and connected
  • Full SEO package, with separate targeted search terms for each page
  • Expert SEO monitoring for six months after launch
  • Free minor (text) updates over the first year
  • Separate hosting account

With up to 10 unique pages available, your website will be a cut above for visitors seeking engaging, informative content. After launch, you’ll receive expert SEO support and monitoring after launch to ensure that your website is performing brilliantly.

Performance Pro Plus websites are suitable for small to medium businesses facing strong competition within the service area, or businesses that cover a wide variety of services to diverse customer groups.

If you want your business to be everybody’s first choice, don’t settle for less!

Professional Management

Once your website is up and running, you’ll continue to receive hosting, domain name registration, basic support and minor updates for an affordable annual fee of $150/year (after the first). Want ongoing expert management and SEO maintenance? Ask about our Professional Management packages. Whether you want ongoing optimisation or unique content to keep your page fresh and active, we’ll tailor a monthly or yearly package that’s perfect for you.


  • Professional SEO monitoring with regular reports and advice to keep your rankings high
  • Be notified of changes in your rankings as soon as they appear
  • Regular backups for your peace of mind

Content Production

  • Regular informational articles to keep your site active and relevant
  • Target specific search terms with each article

Specialist Website Packages

Need something a little different? For advanced users who are confident managing their own websites, we also offer fully hosted WordPress and ecommerce solutions. Whether you’re looking to start your own blog or break into online sales, our specialist packages offer the same great value, totally under your control.

WordPress Hosting (from $150/year)

World-Famous Blogging – Set Up Especially For You

If publishing and managing your own content is your priority, a self-managed WordPress website is a great choice. As the world’s most popular blogging CMS, WordPress offers a huge community and a friendly interface that will have you publishing content in no time. We’ll set up and configure your WordPress site for immediate use, and help you find the right plugins to customise this flexible platform for your specific needs.

  • Site set up to your specifications
  • Choose from thousands of free or premium templates
  • Customise with free and premium plugins
  • Add, remove or update content yourself whenever you like
  • Introductory training in WordPress usage

More Options: Want a truly outstanding online presence? Ask our sales manager to adjust your quote for a custom template. You’ll be amazed at how thoroughly we can customise your WordPress site to give you a truly unique, brand-specific style.

Magento Hosting

Fully-Featured eCommerce for Advanced Users

Looking to expand your business into an online store? We can help you set up a fully-featured ecommerce website, with serious tools for serious sales. Using the powerful Magento content management system, you’ll enjoy detailed, professional selling tools and in-depth control over your shopping cart, inventory and records. If you’re serious about selling, Magento is a dedicated ecommerce CMS that has all the options you are like to need.

  • Professional ecommerce website using Magento (Community) CMS
  • Choose from hundreds of free or premium themes
  • Customise with free and premium plugins
  • Add, remove or update products and other content whenever you like
  • Introductory training in Magento usage
  • Separate hosting account with SSL

More Options: Worried about how your ecommerce site will do in search engine rankings? Because product descriptions can get repetitive, we can create custom feature pages for your store, with unique content to help you stand out from the crowd and earn traffic that other stores don’t. Just ask our friendly sales manager to customise your package with featured content pages.

Let Us Impress You

Ready to see what IT Wollongong can do for your business? Your professional, affordable, high-ranking business website is just a phone call away. Call our sales manager Janeene Bassett on 0402 002 154, and let us build the website that gets you discovered online!